The legendary boot making company, Lucchese, has a heritage that dates as far back as 1883.

Originaly founded by Sam Lucchese Sr. and his brother as Lucchese Boot Company in San Antonio, Texas, Lucchese earned its reputation amongst US Cavalry, by making custom quality riding boots for officers based in and traveling through El Paso. Word spread quickly across the country and Lucchese became the preeminent and most talked about boot maker amonst officers nationwide. Known for their made-to-order riding boots great fit and quality in the English/British Market, Western riders soon began wearing the boots as well.

Western rider’s customization style and influence carved out a new signature boot for the company, a fit and silhouette that met the needs of the western world.

Throughout the years, the family’s dedication to its craft and to its customers kept the business alive, but it wasn’t until the early 1960s that the founder’s grandson and namesake decided to rethink the art of boot making.

His fascination with and comprehensive understanding of the human foot inspired him to create a boot design that fit like no other. And although Lucchese’s one-of-a-kind boot last design required more skill and time, the result was a boot that quickly gained national recognition for its extraordinary comfort, quality and fit.

In 2008, Lucchese marked its 125th Year Anniversary.

In May 2009 The State of Texas, House of Representatives and Senate passed legislation officially recognizing Lucchese and securing its place in Texas history.